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Creates low cost videos for wide palette of customers and their needs.

Towns, villages

Video becomes an inseparable part of your website. You can easily show and highlight your plans to the future. We can also record your local government or community projects and events. We introduce your best citizens and we promote your town or neighborhood like no other.

Companies, businesses

We make video recording of your company events. We do reports with a professional comentary by skilled tv presenter, interviews for any possible needs for example Youtube or TV broadcasting. Your company image could be enhanced by regular company videoreports or video presentations for promotion meetings, workshops and exhibitions. We are able to create an simple inside company television.

Schools, universities

There is not better presentation than through short documentary. We can catch your projects, school competitions and outstanding successes of your students. Video becomes a part of your school website or it can be best support for other projects, which will represent your school.

Health centers

Video on your web site can be a thing which makes decisions. We can show by the picture and sound your clinic facilities and the way, how you approach to patients. You can use our promotion video for your presentation and draw new clients to you.


Hotel or holiday resort always highlight the best from the local attractions. Short video on your web site definitely tells more than tourist guide book. In couple of minutes we show everything you offer in your place but also we do not forget to reveal main interesting surrondings they can attract your quests.

Third sector and You

We will save all your projects or other activities in a short videodocuments. They show your effort to develop our society in its many areas. You can use our videos not only to promote your projects, you can promote also yourself as a person, doesn't matter if you are successful athlete or handy craftsman.

Advanced offer - press conference, presenting events and graphic design

We are skilled to organize press conference for you and your partners of course with a video recording. We offer complete press service, representing you in front of media and we can present your various kind of events as company seminars, workshops and evening parties. We are also experienced in graphic design. We create anniversary reports for you, logotypes and we can provide a full graphic job for your company newspaper or any printed formats or prepare a complex corporate design. At the top we can project a visual identity of your company and helps you to be step before your competing businesses.

About studio Biograf

We fill the space between really cheap low quality amateur video and video which is far too much expensive you can afford. We are exactly in the middle. We think even cheaper video full of interesting content and with a simple clear style could pull the others towards your thoughts and your business.

People react mostly to things they see ...


"Masterpiece is done, when there is nothing left to reduce."

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry



tv presenteur, reporter, press service

Television reporter with skills from daily news and tv documentaries. She is presenteur of televison talk show and many public events.


cameraman, video editor

News cameraman at TV Markíza. Has many years of experience from regional television. He also usually works for production studios and partitipated on various video projects in Slovakia and abroad as well.


graphic design, artist

Works on free art projects and for living his passion is in graphic design.


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